Farmers for Soil Health is a program created by farmers for farmers and is committed to enhancing soil health practices, like planting cover crops, to improve the environment and profitability of farmers. If you planted cover crops in the Fall of 2023 you may be eligible for financial compensation of up to $50 per acre over a three-year period.


Each state has dedicated technical advisors to offer guidance and answer any questions about the program or transitioning fields to successful cover crop adoption. Contact your Indiana advisor for details on the program and to see if your cover crop planted fields qualify for incentive payments.

Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance



The deadline for enrolling 2023 fields is Friday, March 15, 2024. Enrollment for 2024 will open in March.


Planting cover crops has many agronomic and conservation benefits, which is at the heart of Farmers for Soil Health’s mission. In addition to financial incentives and local research-based technical support, an exclusive marketplace is in development to connect farmers and supply chain partners interested in supporting sustainable farming practices.